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Introducing the Family

The Fletcher FamilyThere are a lot of Fletchers around! Like Smith, Fuller, Mason, Baker, and many other relatively common family names, it is one that can be traced back to a distant ancestor's trade or profession. A fletcher was a maker of arrows - the fletching is the arrangement of feathers or vanes near the grooved end of the arrow that helps it fly straight and true. In the past, details of the fletching would frequently also identify the archer to whom the arrow belonged.

Chris and I will have been married 45 years this year (2019), and have produced four children. The image above was taken at our 40th Anniversary celebration, in July, 2014. In order of birth, our children are:
Jean - living in Buffalo, NY
Ben - living in London, England
Will - living in NYC
John - living in Plymouth, Devon, England

Our daughter presented us with our first grandchild in March, 2009, and our second in November, 2011. Will presented us with our third (the first granddaughter) in October, 2013, and our fourth in July, 2015. Ben's first son was stillborn, but his first living son and our fifth living grandchild was born in October, 2016. John's first son - our sixth grandchild - was born in May, 2018.

All our children were born in the United States, but, in the course of fairly eventful lives (see our respective personal sites - links below and in the right hand column), Chris and I have lived and worked for substantial periods of time on either side of the Atlantic Ocean and have moved our family home (in one direction or the other) across the Atlantic three times. The first of those moves happened shortly before Jean was born, but each of the other two moves left one child in College behind on 'the other side of the pond'. Fortunately, the family seems to have survived these traumas!

Jean, who was the one 'left behind' on our second transatlantic move, remained here, and Will returned to the United States after finishing University in England, and is now in the NYPD, but Ben went on to complete a PhD in Physics in England before starting work for the British Government, and John married someone whom he met at university there, and consequently plans to stay in England for (at least) a while longer, so we are still a transatlantic family. You can now find all of our children on Facebook, but Chris and I are old fashioned enough to prefer to maintain a more traditional web presence. The predecessor of this site had more content about (and by) our children, but you can still view some pictures of the family in our Photo Gallery, which has been recently updated with more pictures of the grandchildren, and read more about our activities on Chris's individual site and my individual site.

Why fletchers-uk?

   ....and other technical notes

When we first registered the domain, there were none of the current plethora of non-geographical top level domains (.biz, .me, etc.) to choose from, we all (except our daughter) lived in England, and all the unqualified fletcher... and fletchers... domains were taken, so it seemed like a reasonable choice. When Chris and I finally (at least by intention) moved back to the US, in 2007, we thought about changing our internet identity, but there seemed to be no particularly good reason to do so. I, at least, am originally from England, even if I am no longer in England, so we remain.

In the middle of 2018, I decided to move to HTTPS connections for all my websites, since an increasing number of browsers 'flag' HTTP connections as insecure and/or suspect. Although there were no problems with the transition, and this site did and does now use secure connections, this page still produced security warnings on some browsers. This was because it contained a (HTTP) link to the Weather Underground site, for the weather 'sticker' in the right hand column. For reasons best known (presumably) to themselves, Weather Underground do not yet support HTTPS links for their 'stickers'. I am now using a similar service provided (via a HTTPS connection) by

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The sticker above shows the current and historic power produced by our home PV solar installation. Please see the PV Solar Project page for more information about it. The displayed data will normally be updated approximately every 5 minutes while the PV system is producing power. The sticker previously linked to more detailed graphs on the SunPower monitoring site, but their monitoring hardware failed (at our end) early in 2017. In the absence of any effective support from SunPower, I have installed new monitoring hardware from SMA, and the sticker now links to my pages on their site. These will, however, only show data collected since the date in July, 2017, when I installed the SMA monitoring hardware.

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